How Running A Mile A Day Can Transform Your Life Completely?

Do you also dream about running a mile a day?

Being a runner, no matter you’re a beginner or an expert.

Every runner dreams of running a mile a day. But most of the fitness freaks don’t have sufficient knowledge about running a mile a day.

But you need not worry!!!

Today we’ll discuss how running a mile a day can transform your life completely.

Today you’ll get to know the magical impacts of running a mile a day.

So, what are you waiting for!!

Let’s start with the discussion.


Benefits of running a mile a day


running a mile a day
A running girl listening to music

Running a mile a day has immense benefits on your body and mind both.

The reason why most fitness trainers encourage everyone for running a mile a day is the benefits that it offers to you.

Believe it or not! but after including this in your daily routine, your life will be completely transformed.

Let’s have a look at the major benefits that you can grab just by running a mile a day.


  • Helps In Losing Weight

Running a mile a day is one of the most effective ways by which you can burn a good number of calories every day and lose weight.

Approximately 100 calories are burnt after running a mile a day.

This will increase the chance that the body will use the internal extra fat present in your body that will result in losing some extra pounds from your body.

But make sure that you don’t do overeating immediately after running a mile a day.

Many professional trainers recommend to do low- intensity running as this kind of running will use the extra fat of your body as the source of energy while running.

This will definitely lead to weight loss.

But it doesn’t mean that high-intensity running is bad for your health.

It has its own benefits as it boosts your metabolism rate to do workout for hours without getting tired that early.


  • Strengthen Your Joints

Running a mile a day is also quite helpful to strengthen your joints.

If you are also a victim of joint pain such as knee problems, then there is a myth that it is because of running.

NO!!!  NOT AT All!!!

It is not because of running; it’s because of maintaining improper form while running.

The reason is that the cartilage in your body that supports your bones becomes more and more when you run, maintaining a proper form.

Furthermore, running a mile a day also prevents the development of arthritis (i.e., kind of joint pain) by reducing the inflammation in your knees.

People having unhealthy knees or joint pain in the knees can get benefit from running a mile a day as it minimizes the accumulation of viral matrix protein in your body.


  • Reduces The Chances of Heart Diseases

According to research conducted by NCBI, it was found that a person who runs a mile every day till 15 years, his life expectancy increased by 3 years as compared to a normal runner who doesn’t run a mile every day. He was found to have less risk of heart diseases or cardiovascular illnesses just by running a mile every day.

Isn’t it magical?

This means you can increase your life expectancy to more years just by a little amount of hard work.

Some Other Benefits Of Running A Mile A Day are:

  • If you are a patient with diabetes, then running leads to reduce the blood sugar level in your body.
  • Running also reduces the risk of cataracts.
  • Running makes your bones stronger.
  • It relieves you from stress.

So, this was all about the benefits of running a mile a day.

You just need to push yourself a little bit if you are a new runner, but after some time, running one mile will be like a normal thing for you.

Just some efforts in the starting will result in adding some more delightful years to your life.


Running a mile a day to lose weight

running a mile a day
Two girls running on the road

Do you feel ashamed of being overweight?

Do you wish to lose weight for a perfect physique?

But not able to find any proper way to do so?

Don’t worry; we are here to help you out to find the answer to all your questions and taking you to the perfect path by which you can reach your fitness goals.

So, many people face a very common problem that is overweight.

They keep on searching the ways to lose the extra fats present in their body but end up with failure to do so.

If you are also one of them, then this section will be quite helpful for you because here we are going to discuss the most effective way to lose weight, i.e., running a mile a day.

I know it may sound quite hard if you are just a beginner, but it has immense benefits, which we have discussed in the above section.

Why not start today?

But before starting, have a look that how you can lose weight just by running a mile a day.


  • Burn More Amount Of Calories Than Other Exercises

As you know that for losing weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume.

Running a mile a day is one of the most effective ways to achieve this, as it burns more calories as compared to other forms of exercise. As it involves many muscles of the body to work hard.

To support the difference in the number of calories burnt by running a mile and through other forms of exercises, a research was conducted.

The research was done with 12 men and 12 women who ran 1 mile and also walking the same distance on both a treadmill and track. The results of the research stated that running 1 mile on a treadmill burnt 33 calories more than walking, and running 1 mile on a track burnt 35 calories more than walking.

Considering these results, now you can understand that how you running leads to burn more calories as compared to other forms of exercise.


  • Make You Get Rid Of Extra Belly Fat

Nobody likes to carry extra belly fat in their body.

Some people feel so much ashamed to carry a fat belly.

But do you know that by running a mile a day, you can easily get rid of that disgraceful fat belly?

Let’s discuss how it happens.

Do you know that extra belly fat leads you towards an increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and many other dangerous diseases?

If you didn’t know about this, then let me tell you that it is a proven fact which had been proven by so many studies.

Let me clear one more major myth.

Researches also show that if you want to lose belly fat, then you don’t need to change your diet.

Just add running to your workout routine, and that’s it!


Is running a mile a day enough?

running a mile a day
A man running on the road

Running a mile a day is enough as it offers you a wide range of benefits also reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases up to 58%, which is just magical!!

This small effort can make your heart stronger and also increase your life expectancy, as we discussed in the above section.

What more can you expect from an exercise??

It just requires a small effort in the beginning, but later you’ll be going to fall in love with it.

Running a mile a day is perfectly enough for your workout routine.

After looking at the number of health benefits it offers to you, you might be feeling quite motivated to start with it.

If yes!!! then go for it.


Running a mile a day Results

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Before you tie up the laces of your running shoes, read the whole article because, as you know, half of knowledge is always hazardous.

So, before starting any new thing, always take a look at the results that will happen due to that.

Same as this, before starting running a mile a day, get aware of the results of it.

To make you aware, we’re always there to help you out.

In this section, we’ll discuss the results of running a mile a day.

So, what are you waiting for??

Let’s get started.


  • Running is the Best Workout To Start The Day

Running is the best thing with which you can start your day.

Some people live in a myth that if they run in the morning, then they will feel tired throughout the whole day.

Let me clear one thing that this is absolutely true; you’ll feel the same but only if you are a beginner.

In the first week, you’ll feel so very tired and lethargic after running a mile a day in the morning and feel the same for the whole day.

But after some days of continuous running routine. You’ll feel vice-versa.

That means you’ll feel more productive throughout the whole day, just after running a mile a day every morning.

It will improve your productivity to a large extent, and you’ll be ready to go along with your day with so much energy.


  • Running Will Improves Your Sleep

Are you tired of not getting proper sleep?

I know it’ll be hard to believe!!

But running a mile a day will improve your sleep.

Let’s discuss how is this possible?

Running releases a hormone called ‘Endorphins.’ With the release of endorphins, all those negative and stressful thoughts that revolve around your brain and don’t let you sleep will start getting flowed away.

After some time, your overactive brain will push away all those disturbing thoughts out and make you feel relaxed completely, by which you get proper sleep at night.

One more reason is also there.

Running a mile a day required a good amount of energy, due to which your body temperature increases.

It cools down immediately as you stop running, which makes you feel so much relaxed, and this way you can get a good sleep.


  • Running Will Decrease The Risk of Cancer

First, let’s have a look at the stats. So, according to the stats,

If you run a mile every day, then:

From the stats, now you can understand that how much magical are the effects of running!!


Is running a mile a day good?

Many people have the same question in their mind that, ‘Is running a mile a day good?’

So, let’s discuss the answer to this question.

Yes, running a mile a day is good for you.

One mile in a day will lead to seven miles a week, which will unlock a wide range of health benefits for you such as,

  • Improves your heart health.
  • Improves your blood circulation.
  • Tones your whole body.
  • Prevents you from life-causing diseases.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Provides your proper sleep.
  • Lifts your mood and many more.

Besides all these benefits, daily running also helps in reducing the risk of diabetes and cancer as well.

But the overall advantages of running do not stop here as it provides a true range of advantages.

Running has tremendous effects and helps in building a higher bone density.

Most people usually live under a myth in their mind that running can damage their bones and can also lead to bone-cracking, but researches have proved them wrong completely.

The bone density simply gets reduced if a person doesn’t perform physical activities regularly.


What Does Research Say?

A pound of fat contains 3500 calories. If you run a mile, then on average, you can burn 100 calories. If you run a mile daily, then you’ll burn 3500 calories in 35 days.

It simply means that by running just one mile every day for 35 days, you can lose one pound of fat from you’re body.

Isn’t it amazing?

Why only one mile?

You can also increase the distance but slowly.

Keep small but achievable targets so that you can achieve them without getting disheartened and discouraged.



Running a mile a day is the perfect way to feel accomplished by the end of your everyday workout routine.

If you’re a beginner runner and you’re struggling to get good results… don’t worry.

By running daily, you’ll surely be going to see some progress as the days will pass.

But don’t get demotivated early; keep going more and more ahead every day.

As beautiful things take time to happen, you’ll also get impressive results one day for sure.

Just be patient and work hard.

Push your limits and win everyday.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go get your running shoes and start today!!!





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